Christian Vegan Chat – Hellen

February 10, 2015 — 1 Comment

Hey Lovers,

I enjoyed my previous Christian Vegan chat so much that I’ve decided to make this a series of videos. I think it’s fascinating to hear about other people’s journeys and how they arrive at a particular way of life. We all have to eat. And the decision of what we eat and how we eat is something that is within our own control once we are adults.  Over the weekend I had the pleasure of chatting with Hellen whom I connected with on Instagram. She is a fellow Christian who adopted a plant based diet a year ago and hasn’t looked back. In fact, her husband and son decided to join her in this new lifestyle after watching an alarming video and experiencing drastic health improvements on a plant based diet.

Vegan Me Happy


During my chat with Hellen I started to feel really encouraged because she shared that she has met other people at church who eat a plant based diet. And although her family back home in Brazil hasn’t fully accepted her new way of eating, her congregation has been very loving and accepting of it. I think this is a common experience for many people who switch to a plant based diet. The majority of people eat meat on this planet, so unless you grow up in a vegan family, you’re bound to get a few side eyes.

Vegan Me Happy


“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there!” Step out 😉

Strawberry Banana Nice-cream, by Hellen @vegan_me_happy



chia seeds

hemp seeds



raw granola on top

Be sure to follow Hellen’s Instagram account for delicious recipes and encouraging words. She is also on Tumblr. I love her zeal for this lifestyle and it’s so clear she has a compassionate heart that carries this message deeply. If you’d like to hear more about Hellen’s journey and my thoughts as well, be sure to check out our video and let us know what you think!


One response to Christian Vegan Chat – Hellen


    I love this! So great, Lezlie. Hellen seems like such a beautiful person and I’m glad you two met and got to chat! It amazes me that even her 6 year old son is trying to teach his friends about eating right and eating plant based! Goes to show he has fabulous parents. Thanks for sharing this, Lezlie! It’s inspiring, for sure! ❤


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