What Brings Me Joy

February 23, 2015 — Leave a comment

joy farrington


Hey Lovers,

I sat down at my laptop to write a post and this title popped in my head. At first I thought it would be a list of things that bring me joy and gratitude in my life. But I immediately thought of my dear friend Joy Farrington. When I first met Joy in 2012 she was the colorful woman you see above. She’s still colorful as ever. Her hair is just long and brown now :). Joy lives up to her name, so much so that it’s made me think long and hard about the importance in¬†naming a child. When I’m around her it’s non-stop laughs and light hearts.


She’s a woman with a unique purpose and many talents. One of her passions is purity. Another is justice. And her gift is writing. Together, she combined all of those wonderful attributes and wrote her first book, “Broken By Beauty.” It’s an honest and candid book on the journey from purity to restoration and hope.

Joy Farrington shares her journey to discover God’s heart and true intentions for sexual purity. As Joy struggled through the traumas of teenage relationships, she also witnessed around her the broken lives of those who had become the victims of addiction and sexual exploitation. She began to feel a calling to reach out to vulnerable women and men working in the sex industry. Starting with the red light district in Liverpool, this has taken her to the crack dens in Brazil, the strip bars in LA, and the notorious bars and brothels of Bangkok. Broken by Beauty describes both Joy’s own life experiences and the insights gained from talking to those from around the world who have been sexually exploited. She aims to inspire others both to choose sexual purity and to fight on behalf of those who are more vulnerable to exploitation.


On another note, we both love tea. Joy is English, so we share that love. She once spent $157 on tea because of a misunderstanding with the girl behind the counter at Teavana. It’s cool though because you can never have enough tea. This Twinings tea clip reminds me of when I drink tea with Joy :).



I learned a long time ago that it’s important to appreciate the people in your life who are there for you when you are down, but also are able to celebrate your victories and success with you as well. Joy is one of those people, so this is my small way of celebrating her. Be sure to grab her book, “Broken By Beauty.” You can also follow her articles on Cross Rhythms.


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