What Are You? – Identity Part 2

March 12, 2015 — 1 Comment


Hey Lovers,

I really enjoyed writing the previous post on identity and truly enjoyed your feedback on this subject. It’s something very personal to me and has been a lifelong journey of mine. I’m sure you have been on a similar one. One of the sites I discovered through my genealogy studies is AnthroScape. This site is packed with forums of random information on genealogy, ancestry, science and more. Some of the forums are a bit foolish and even border on racist, but I just skip over those. One post in particular allows people to guess your ancestry composition. Since I get asked this question often and have heard a range of guesses, I figured I may as well ask for research ;). Here were the results.

What Strangers Thought

  • 25% Caucasian, 75% Black
  • 40% Asian the rest African and maybe a dash of “other”
  • 25% Amerindian (Native American) 25% Black 50% Caucasian
  • Really hard, I see characteristics of all three types, but leaning more toward African and Asian
  • South American
  • 50% African and 50% European
  • Creole?


I once took a workshop with Sam Christensen, an image consultant, and experienced something very similar. In this weekend long workshop there were initial activities where each person had to sit in a chair in front of the rest of the group and have sheets of questions answered about them based on first impressions. The point was that you would receive feedback on what you project to the world vs what you think you project because they are often very different. It was a very empowering experience, satisfying even. And at the end of it all I came to the conclusion that I could use the information to better help me align what’s in my heart with what I put out into the world.

The process with Sam Christensen helped me understand my overall essence and how that ties into my identity and the story that my life tells. At the end of the workshop, after countless paperwork and exercises, each attendee was given a word. This word summed up everything about the person and was the heart of their personal story.

My word is Conviction.

n. a firmly held belief or opinion.


It made perfect sense and it still does to me. When I believe something, I believe it 100% or I struggle to believe and doubt along the way. You see, there is also the counter word. This is the word that is the other side of the spectrum and allows you to play a range of characters, and tell a range of stories. It’s why some actresses can be the Femme Fatale as well as the Damsel In Distress. The counter word to conviction is uncertainty.


After we received our words, we received a list of quotes and phrases that reflect our essence. They suggested that we use these on business cards, in personal bios or just as lines we memorize for characters before we audition as actors.


Here were a few of my favorite essence lines they gave me.


  • I’m not unsure, I’m just not sure
  • The Princess demurs
  • Oh, Yes, I will
  • Climbed right to the top of the high dive and sailed into the air
  • Lovely to see you, I’m afraid I must be going
  • Picking wild strawberries, I wandered off the path
  • Standing up to the big bad wolf on behalf of all the gentle woodland creatures
  • Fine china and sparking crystal
  • Please, please don’t make me ask twice
  • The promise of a rosebud, the generosity of the rose full-blown
  • The colors of the revolution
  • God’s favorite angel tells a dirty joke
  • Bold as a lion, silent as a deer
  • Cinnamon girl
  • A world of wisdom in a single seashell

Given this information, I was then able to apply it to the types of characters I audition for. The range could run from a devout nun to an uncertain free spirited woman with an addiction. It was an eye opening experience, to get feedback on what I project. And I think it really helped me make decisions moving forward. Lately I have been taking inventory on my life and purpose in this world. I like to do that from time to time, both alone and sometimes with another person to bounce ideas off of. Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about your essence, what you project into the world, and if it all aligns?



Photo Credits:

Photographed by Iris Kim: www.iriskimphotography.com
Makeup by Clarence Jones: http://www.modelmayhem.com/3465156
Wardrobe from Hidden Treasures: www.hiddentreasurestopanga.com


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