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April 7, 2015 — 1 Comment

“COLOURING BOOK: The Mixed Race Documentary” has until Sunday April 19th 2015 to raise $30,000 on­roductions to fund the vide equipment to go into production.

COLOURING BOOK DOCUMENTARY SYNOPSIS: How have mixed heritage experiences and interracial relationships changed during the Post-Civil Rights era of the late 1960s to the Barack Obama age of the 2010s? Director Jason Cuthbert seeks to discover the answers, comparing mixed race life in the United States and Canada, by exploring the story of his own deeply diverse family in Colouring Book – a feature length documentary on blurring the lines of race.

2015_White-Black Facial Averages_lovelezlie

Hey Lovers,

Last week I received a tweet from someone on the production crew of this documentary in the making. They were looking for people to put the word out in hopes of raising funds. They must have found me through some of my recent posts on genealogy and identity, but however it happened I was happy they did. These types of projects are important to me, not only because I can relate but I love to see slices of life receive awareness through art. It reminds me of a children’s book that my nana wrote when I was a little girl called, “My Rainbow Friends.” In her book, the main character was a little girl named Sally who has a White/English mother and Black/Caribbean father.


The one question that always had the worst crippling effect on my self-esteem as a grade school kid was: “What are you?”- as if I was not even a member of the human species. Every time my “race” was called into question I immediately feared the reaction to my answer. The confused faces and uncomfortable glances made me feel like an outsider everywhere. In the 1980s, it was pretty hard for me to socially adapt when I was the tallest child in every class, nervously shy, light-skinned with hazel eyes, had a curly bush of hair, and subconsciously tip-toed with big feet, a slim skeleton build and racially ambiguous facial features stemming from my mixed ethnicity: father (Afro-Trinidadian) and mother (Caucasian American). I never even felt like I resembled any of my own family members, and I definitely never looked like the white or black characters in my favorite Hollywood movies and television sitcoms. – Colouring Book 

If you would like to support this project, there’s still time! You can do so by contacting them at the following link, Colouring Book Documentary. Also, feel free to spread the word!


One response to Support the Colouring Book Project


    Great subject matter. America is known as the melting pot. I like to think we are Americans, rather than labeled as any other ethnicity.


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