Your Inner Circle

May 29, 2015 — Leave a comment



“How did Jesus handle his relationships? You can probably guess that the people closest to Him got the most of what He had to offer. This is how we should be! Those closest to us should always get the most and best of what we have to offer. Here is what I mean: Jesus’ outermost circle was the multitudes (thousands), then the 70 followers, then the 12 disciples, then the 3 disciples He was with the most, and then John (the disciple He loved the most). The Bible says that Jesus spoke to the multitudes in parables only, but to the disciples, He gave more information to.” – Paula White 

Hey Lovers,

The subject of inner circles is one that I’ve thought about in depth lately. I’ve always been the type of person who makes friends wherever I go and at times I’ve mistaken these relationships for something they weren’t. In other words, people who should have remained associates or surface friends I considered to be close friends way too soon. There have been times when I allowed people to speak things into my life as truth or over me as a blessing and even a curse because I’ve been so open and receptive. But over the years, through trials, heartbreaks and close-calls I’ve had to learn to discern to a greater degree. It’s true, things aren’t always what they seem and people are capable of wearing many masks.

During my prayer time I started to meditate on Jesus and His life. And this idea of an inner circle came up again. I saw that even Jesus had those that He chose to be closer to than others and He used wisdom with what to share and with whom. I’d say that my life has been an open book for the past decade. But living in LA and being plugged into the industry that I am in I’ve seen repeatedly how people love to see others fall and in a strange way like to know about others’ weaknesses. Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves. Who knows?

I think of times when I’ve shared personal struggles with people who didn’t deserve to know. Or times when I’ve shared prophetic dreams from God with friends who just didn’t understand. I don’t regret the sharing because it’s helped me reach this place of understanding relationships and discernment. I also think that none of our friendships will be 100% what we need or want and that is why it’s necessary to have different friends. Only God can fulfill 100% of what we are seeking. I had a close friend complain to me recently about another friend and how they were lacking in something they needed. I reminded them that they had other friends who possessed that quality and this particular friend fulfilled other areas.

Have you considered who should be in your inner circle or do you lump all of your loved ones into one group?



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