The Love Letter – Part 2

July 11, 2015 — Leave a comment


Hey Lovers,

I’m so honored that the ladies over at The Love Letter asked me to contribute to this month’s letter. Enjoy!

Love Your Authentic Self
One necessary key on your journey to loving yourself is to live authentically. This means that everything you do should permeate the essence of who you are. You can start by incorporating a few small decisions into your day. Here are a few of my favorite things that have helped me on my journey. 
  1. Find A Signature Perfume – Are you a fan of florals? Maybe you are an earthy girl? Whatever you naturally gravitate towards and makes you feel happy you can wear on your skin. Take a trip to your favorite department store and test a few perfumes. You don’t have to rush this process because you want the scent to really reflect you while bring you a sense of peace and confidence as well. Once you have your signature scent, be sure to wear it each morning. It’s up to you if you want to share your signature scent with others. 
  2. Stick To Eating That Works For Your Body – Food is an absolute necessity if you want to love yourself. But as we get older or simply evolve in our personal journeys we may find that the food we ate in childhood no longer works. Take a season to experiment with your food and take note of what your body loves and is sensitive to. One tool that will help you is a food journal. Once you find the way of eating that your body loves, stick to it. What works for your best friend may be totally different than what works for you, and that’s a beautiful thing!
  3. Rediscover Your Favorite Color – We all had a favorite color as a child, but how many of us keep the same favorite color as we get older? Color therapy has been proven to help with emotional well being. Take note of the colors you gravitate towards now and play around with wearing them or purchasing pieces for your bedroom in those colors. In time, you can re-discover your favorite color and may even choose one as your signature color to go along with your signature scent. 
  4. Buy Clothing That Makes You Feel Beautiful – Clothes may not make the woman, but they do play a role in self expression. Do the clothes that you currently wear reflect how you feel inside? If you haven’t taken the time to buy a new garment in a while, make it a point to find something that makes you feel beautiful and authentic. And if your body has changed shape, give yourself permission to buy the current size that you need. 
  5. Find A Workout That Feels Like Childs Play – We know that exercise releases endorphins and that makes us feel better in general. Take some time to try a few classes and activities to find the workout you love. A sign that you have found what you love is that it won’t feel like work but will actually feel fun. A few ideas are Zumba, Yoga, Bar Method, Running and Swimming. 
It takes time to discover your authentic self. But if you are patient and kind towards yourself, it can be a tremendous blessing. Let’s dare to be comfortable in our skin and live our authentic lives. Can you challenge yourself today to start with one of these tips?

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