What’s Your Archetype?

August 13, 2016 — Leave a comment



Be that self which one truly is. – Soren Kierkegaard

Hey Lovers,

I’m currently reading a fascinating book called, “The Way Of the Actor” by Brian Bates.

For thousands of years, in traditional societies around the world, actors were seen as the guardians of intuitive wisdom, and the way of the actor was a path to knowledge and power. Brian Bates believes that this is still the case today—that actors and actresses fulfill an important function in our culture as modern-day seers and shamans. He portrays the actor as a creator of visions who transports spectators out of their habitual ways of being and leads them on a journey of self-discovery. Personal magnetism and charisma, intense body awareness, and psychic sensitivity are among the special powers that contribute to the actor’s mystique. – The Way Of the Actor 

Years ago I took an actor’s intensive workshop with Sam Christensen. In this workshop you learned about the impact you make on others, and the personal stories you are meant to tell in life and on stage. He mentioned that we all play an archetype. If you look at pop figures today and throughout history you will start to see the same archetypes repeatedly. For instance, one could argue that Kim Kardashian is today’s Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe because of her tremendous sex appeal and ability to dominate headlines.

Archetype, (noun) An original model on which similar things are patterned. (syn., mold, model, standard, example, ideal)

Archetype.com is a cool new-ish site that focuses on this very thing. Answer a few easy questions about yourself HERE and voilà you will get an easy pie chart like mine above of your archetypal breakdown. From there, you can read interesting articles for your archetype, more on successful people who share your archetype, and even purchase a fragrance to coordinate with your archetype.

I wasn’t surprised by the combination I got, but I was surprised that Creative made up an entire half.

The Creative Report 


The Spiritual Report


The Caregiver Report


To know ourselves is a responsibility we all have whether we realize it or not. Once you know who you are, navigating through this world becomes clearer. What’s your archetype? Share in the comments below.


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