Hey Loves! 

I’m Lezlie and I live in LA with my husband, daughter and cat. I initially started this blog to document my journey through love and all of the beautiful people, places and things that cross my path. Since I started blogging in 2012 I have re-discovered my passion for health and wellness, beauty, and spirituality many times. Now I have connected all of those dots in a thread that makes the most sense, beauty from the inside out. We are holistic beings and must learn to love who we are down to our cellular level and then confidently project all of that beauty into the world. I’m delighted you found me and are now walking your path beside me. Cheers!


❤♡ FAQs ♡❤



B.A. English, Communication Minor, University Of Texas
M.Msc. Metaphysical Science, University of Sedona
Awards – Revivalist Of the Year, PIHOP School of Supernatural
Current Training – Certification in Epigenetics/Nutrigenomics


Why Love?

I guess the best way to answer this is that love chose me. It’s been etched in my heart and mind since I was a little girl. It’s universal.

What Do You Do As  Metaphysician? 

Metaphysics is the branch of Philosophy that deals with the basic questions of life, the relationship of man, mind and the universe. It deals with the very nature of being and who we are as human beings. As an ordained Metaphysician I am available to assist you on your own spiritual and philosophical exploration. I can help you unravel the mess in life and help you connect the dots that point towards your true life purpose. Don’t worry, nothing is too strange to discuss with me.

Why Do You Primarily Use Storytelling As Your Medium?

Have you heard the quote, “In the end, we all become stories.”? I believe this is true. I believe our lives are the messages we reflect while alive and the legacies we leave once we are gone. My professional storytelling path includes working on screen, primarily in national commercials and telling stories through photos as a print model. It also includes working as a freelance writer for numerous publications, both print and online. During the average week, I read a minimum of one book and write a minimum of one short story. Ultimately, I will write and act for the cinema screen.

How Can I Work With You?

If you are interested in working with me, please submit a form through the contact tab with your detailed inquiry.